The City of Zawal

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A City comprised of towers carved in relief of a mountaintop. Inhabited by practitioners of magic engaged in arcane research, thought to be mystical elves(for those of Elvish/Eladrin origin, it was supposedly an Eladrin Outpost).

It was little more than a rumor and story, however, due to the fact that those who would swear they had seen it would be unable to find it again, and several accounts talk of the entire city being surrounded by mist and disappearing.

There are only two incidents on record that go beyond mere hearsay and rumor. Once a traveling caravan stumbled upon what appeared to be several collapsed towers in the area that it was known to have existed. Many magical items were recovered from them as well as writings, but within a few months the ruins disappeared, much like the mythical city.

The second one involved the Unity Army. While journeying through the mountains, they came across more fallen towers and hundreds of elven corpses, some dark skinned and others light but each with strange eyes and an otherworldly air to them. They were found outside and within many of these similar ruined towers. The ruins were far more expansive this time and did not disappear, though where the bases of the towers are still is unknown. The only witnesses were 12 strangers (one group of 7, another group of 5, each one containing a strange elf similar to the dead), who the commander dismissed for being insane and allowed to leave (he was severely demoted for such a lapse in judgement).

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